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Funeral Memorial Photography & Video

Funerals are too important not to be photographed or captured in video. It is a time for families and loved ones to gather and express their grief and love for the departed while gathering strength as the mourners begin the process of healing. Funeral photography and videography is a mending way to preserve the memory of the departed and sharing and uniting with your friends and family and to those who were not able to make it due to distance or any reasons.

We strive in capturing the true essence of the day and the beautiful emotions everyone expresses while being very discrete, respectful and professional.  Our photography or video service covers the viewing, church service and the burial. We can go as far as capturing even the reception afterwards, a perfect time to take family and group photos.

Depending on the packages, you will receive a download link of the high res files and video file and a private online, video or slideshow.

Our Memorial Funeral Photography Photo and Video Service cover San Diego, Miramar National Cemetery, Mt Hope Cemetary, Fort Rosecrans, Los Angeles and all parts of Southen California and more.

Photo coverage of the wake, viewing, church service and burial • Photo in a disk or download link (additional cost if it’s multiple days)

Video coverage of the wake, viewing, church service and burial • 3.5 Minute Music Highlight Video on private online page to share with family and friends with a download link to the video file plus 1 DVD or Blu-Ray Disk with printed disk and sleeve. (additional cost if it’s multiple days)

ZOOM, Facebook or Youtube LIVE video for the Memorial Funeral – $500 per service 
We provide high quality video and audio, using our professional camera and microphone connected to our computer and using either the church’s WiFi or our Mobile Hotspot. Per Service mean, either the Memorial church service, Viewing and or the Burial Service. $500 will cover day 1 of the service, $300 for additional days.  In additional, we will record the full service into our camera and you will get the full video in HD.

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Additional Services: $300 for full 1 camera on tripod coverage of the service and burial • $300 to cover the reception that comes after the burial for photos OR video • $300 for each photo book • $30 each additional disk • $300 for drive with all raw files

Contact Info: Myong at (619) 547-5496 •

Here is our sample video and photography below. Please do not share these videos for they are private to us and is only meant for our portfolio sample.


My name is Myong and we are a small family owned business and have been making videos and photos for over 15 years now.  We shoot both videos and photos from Weddings, Commercials, Family to Memorial Services and any special events that needs capturing.  Incase you want to know more about us, here are some of our website and social media links. Hope to talk to you soon!

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